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Hammertime-Top 7 Party Cities in India

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1. Goa

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There is no question that Goa is the #1 party spot in India. And not only in India, but I would rank Goa in the Top 5 around the world.

I began my Indian trip with 7 days in Goa.  By the end of those 7 days, I could hardly think straight because I had so much damn fun!

The city has a long history of partying – dating back to the 1960s – when dozens of hippies settled there and started partying on the beach.  The scene has only gotten bigger since then, and even 50 years later, Goa is still the best place to party in India.

Goa is synonymous with beach parties, and it has developed the reputation for the craziest outdoor psychedelic trance parties in the world. The scene is authentic and underground. If you like trance music, then go to Goa and you’ll love it.  The best beach parties are on Anjuna beach 🙂

Here is a photo of me at one of the trance parties in Goa:

Aside from the beach trance parties, there is a fun clubbing scene in Goa that is filled with swanky lounges, trendy nightclubs, fun bars and lots of dancing. There are also a number of pubs and live entertainment venues.

The best party about partying in Goa is that nothing closes until the sun rises.  You won’t find this anywhere else in India.

2. Mumbai (Bombay)

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After I partied my heart out in Goa, I immediately headed to Mumbai to do the same thing.    The scene here is quite different than Goa, but I had the time of my life!  I am assuming that most of you reading this post will prefer the nightlife in Mumbai over Goa.

Partying in Mumbai is similar to any big international city like SeoulBerlin or L.A. It is India’s designated city for glamour, Bollywood stars and luxurious parties. Pretty much exactly the opposite of carefree hippie parties in Goa.

The atmosphere in Bombay is lively and exotic. The night clubs are insane and crowded, and the bars/lounges are trendy and fun. Most night clubs play EDM hits with live DJs who are recruiter from all over the world. The crowd is diverse, with a healthy mix of international partygoers as well as local Indian people. The best nightlife areas are in Colaba and the Lowel Parel in South Mumbai.

Here is a photo inside a night club called Royalty in Mumbai:

If clubbing isn’t your thing, then don’t worry because there are many places to get cheap beers (Bandra, Colaba) with a more pub-friendly vibe.

3. Delhi

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As a city with 25 million people and the capital of India, Delhi’s nightlife can not be missed during your trip.

The scene is a nice mix of young locals and tourists. It’s not so luxurious or expensive like Mumbai, and not so hippie like Goa, but it offers a nice mix of everything.  I really enjoyed partying in Delhi.

Most of the happening nightlife takes place in discos, pubs, night clubs and super-sized restaurants. There is an area in the center of the city called Connaught Place (or C.P.), which reminded me of NYC, and you can find lots of fun bars and clubs around there. I spent most of my nights in C.P. and had a great time!

4. Bangalore

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Known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore is the technological hub of India with lots of youngsters who come alive after the sun goes down.

Bangalore is also considered as the “pub capital of India,” due to the beer loving culture and happening nightlife.   All the geeky tech guys have the mentality of “work hard, play hard,” so it can get pretty rowdy and crazy!

Most of the night clubs are located inside big hotels (like Mumbai), but the majority of nightlife consists of pubs and lounges. There is an area called M.G. Road which has some 50 pubs – a great place to start pub hopping around.

5. Jaipur

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The capital city of Rajasthan, also known as the Pink City, will not disappoint! Most people only come here to visit the famous landmarks and don’t think to party.  But think again!

I spent a great 4 days partying in Jaipur with some new friends that I met from Argentina and Portugal.   In addition to the bars and clubs, there are midnight markets which add to the lively atmosphere in the night time.

The scene in Jaipur is a bit more hippie than the others on this list, due to the fact that the Rajasthan State is the “Hippie State” of India.  You will find a nice variety of pubs, clubs and smiling faces from all corners of the globe in Jaipur.

6. Pune

Pune is like a mini-Mumbai, because it is located just 100 kilometers away.  It’s much smaller than Mumbai, and it’s filled with many universities which means a younger and happening nightlife scene.

The natives of Pune are energetic and thrill seeking. It’s city where you can grab cheap beers, get drunk, and dance the night away.  Don’t stress about any dress codes or spending too much money in Pune.

You’ll find everything from big EDM clubs to live music concerts to pubs and discos.  I recommend going here to party before your trip to Mumbai — beacuse you may have just as much fun!

7. Chennai

Last but not least is the Southern Indian city of Chennai! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to visit Chennai, but a lot of my friends did, and gave me the same advice as I’m telling you right now.

Chennai is recognized as a metropolitan city known for it’s good people and rich culture. The city is jumping on the ‘trend bandwagon’ and becoming a popular destination for music lovers.

In other words, the nightlife scene in Channai is rapidly growing, so don’t miss out if you’re passing by South India!